Stop Bribing a Girl

romantic 150x150 Stop bribing the girl“I am a guy, be a gentleman! Of course women should be paid to eat, if not where there are girls who will equal Guys beggar! ”

I’m sure you’ve experienced it.
You must have consulted with friends about the same thing and got the same advice.
It seems like it makes sense, right?

If you invite him to eat, then watch, then give a flower or a doll, voila the same girl you might be interested. If the first date there has been no such signs, repeat until there are visible signs of it, if necessary, until a date to 5 by the same route.

Unfortunately, my friend, I’ve got bad news for you.
What you have been hearing from friends what is wrong!

We also get some type of email that asks, “Guys Actually bayarin girl should not you?” and “How the hell do I make not bayarin girl?”
The simple answer is …

NEVER AGAIN pay for girls!
OK, now I can feel when you’re angry over my answer that seemed as good forehead.
“Then how do I!”
“Where would Guys puppy does the same girl?”
and blah .. blah … blah ..
Let me explain further on this matter.

In a meeting date or approach or whatever, your target girl will make a decision in her subconscious mind if you are the type of Guys who are going to catch her / interested and should be available (read: glossy) or you are a cheap type (read: lossy ) who are happy to ‘prove’ yourself by taking her to places where food is expensive, watch her in cool places, give her lots of flowers and stuffed, and so on.

One phrase often used by boys when approach already begun is “going out?”
It seems like nothing is wrong, honest sound right?

The sentence is implicitly saying, “Hey, my good man, and I’d like to take a walk, eat, watch, so I have time to know you more deeply …”

Well maybe it does look exactly the type of message to be delivered to target girls.
But look more deeply about what you actually say when you pass that way.

A. FROM THE BEGINNING You begin a relationship by offering to give her something, and more importantly you create HOPE. In other words, when you do that, you create HOPE in her that you will ALWAYS do that. That is why you then become entangled to continue doing similar things to maintain her attention to you.

2. Indirectly you say, “I feel I need to use some kind of bribe to get to meet with you again.”Although you might say, “Well not really, it was not for giving,” but in reality you’re bribing her, mate.

3. When you invite a girl out and prove yourself extraordinary love to pay her whatever she wants, you make the girl has no choice but group you into the category of ‘average guy’, ‘guy nice guy’, and other matters which we used to call a lossy.

Guys, you’ll end up with hundreds of other guys who used money and gifts and bribes to get the girl, you will end up in the trash, reflection and regret.

Let me tell you a little secret, the girl could easily tell the difference between lossy and GLOSSY guy with just one look.
They could also feel the purpose behind the way you took them, and watching others.

I still remember, not long ago I got a call from a girl who just got back out with a new guy approach to her
She was told that the guy is VERY GOOD!
In fact, TOO GOOD!

My friend said he bought a doll that is quite expensive. SHe told me that when she went into a doll shop, she saw a cute teddy bear, as she was told the imprisoned Guys funny bear, the boy bravely said, “Want to? Here I pay it”
Yeah, sounds manly and handsome.
Unfortunately the girl in the brain these words mean, “How? But you’ve got to replace it with I love!  because I can only attract the attention of your own way Okay? Let’s go get it now. ”

Awful lot of guys who do not know if an interest could not be forced to bribe or bribes of any kind.
Yep, that night the girl said that she felt like a bribed by these men so she wanted to see again and again both streets.

She decided to stop meeting with her and invited me to watch the next day after I teased it out because it earned a tendency not to see that pathetic guy from the beginning.
When you start paying for a girl, she might be intrigued by the sense of Love because who does not like given gifts and treated to …

But things like food and gifts will never bring you to sense of Interested.
A big difference!
I’m not saying do not pay for all girls to eat or watch.

But if you do it in the frame and manner that showed me that with thousands of other Guys, 

Sorry guys … then, you will only end up with an empty wallet and an empty result.

So for the time being until you actually become Glossy Guys …
That’s it!

Now you know a little about the common mistakes made when guys ask girls go on a date, but before it could take girls to go out, of course you have to know how to make a girl want to be invited out by you.
If you feel you are far less confident, hard to communicate with the girl you like, can never get the girl who did you want, always failed in matters of romance …
Hey you did not alone!

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